“Off the Cuff ‘n Ruff”

    BigDawg Live Open Mic – Off the Cuff ‘n’ Ruff



“Off the Cuff ‘n’ Ruff” is YOUR “Virtual Stage”

Unscripted and off-the-cuff , “Live”, in the moment,

Raw, unedited entertainment.

No fluffy sound effects, fancy editing tricks,

or main stream name dropping here to hook you in.

We are pure, raw, and off the hook, grassroots talent, all the way,

and we have a blast just kicking it with

fellow Dawgers and Patriots as we Jam and chat along.

WARNING: Off the Cuff ‘n’ Ruff may be habit forming

swirlyborder Off the Cuff n Ruff


 swirlyborder Off the Cuff n Ruff



Chris Ross

ChrisRossShowcaseLivefromPromotoer Off the Cuff n Ruff

This is YOUR stage…YOUR hour to

sing, dance, do a comedy skit,

draw,paint a picture, live music lesson,reading poetry

or just entertain us with your charm

Whatever you want to showcase this is your  Virtual Stage.

Grab a beverage, pull up a chair and

enjoy the fine talent of our fine Culture Warriors

as we  interact with them in our chat room.

swirlyborder Off the Cuff n Ruff

Our AVAILABLE show times:

Fridays, Saturdays, and  Sundays 10PM Eastern

swirlyborder Off the Cuff n Ruff



swirlyborder Off the Cuff n Ruff

Send an email to


if you are interested in doing a live show

swirlyborder Off the Cuff n Ruff


swirlyborder Off the Cuff n Ruff

20 Jan 2012 – Starring Paul Ruark

24 Feb 2012 – Starring Jeannie Hinck

03 Mar 2012 – Starring Michael Tracy

09 Mar 2012 – Starring Chip Murray

7 Apr 2012 – Starring James Kole

21 Apr 2012 – Starring Brian Futch

28 Apr 2012 – Starring Chloes Open Socket

4 May 2012 – Starring Anne Marie Harpen

19 May 2012 – Starring Mark Scudder

2 Jun 2012 – Starring Michael & Patty Smith

9 Jun 2012 – Starring Bing

15 Jun 2012 – Starring Joe Merrick

22 Jun 2012 – Starring Tom Balistreri

7 July 2012 – Starring Remnant

28 July 2012 – Starring Michael & Patty Smith

25 August 2012 – Mark Scudder


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 BigDawg Music Mafia  does not claim ownership nor do we vouch for their authenticity.

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